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Debt Service Fee


Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD) monthly rates for water consumption and wastewater use will remain the same with no increases to the tiered consumption rates. 

The fee formerly known as Texas Water Development (TWDB) Board Bond Fee has been increased and renamed.  The fee will now be $12 per month per meter and is aptly renamed as Debt Service.  

CCSUD is responsible for repayment of loans in the following manner:

> Quarterly payments to CoBank (interest and principal)

> Bi-annual payments to Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) (interest and principal)

> Annual payments to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) (interest and principal) 

These payments combined total approximately $1,500,000 annually.  

The primary purpose of the loans was to maintain, repair, and improve the function of the system which has aged for 50+ years.  Water utility companies are responsible for maintaining compliance with the rules and laws of Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  In order to facilitate such maintenance, repairs, improvements, and compliance, loans were required for CCSUD, as there were no fees established early on with CCWSC to provide for a fund balance to cover those years of aging of the system.  The fee of $12 per month per meter will only yield approximately one-half (1/2) the cost of those annual loan repayment amounts, and the remainder will be paid from revenues.

CCSUD had a significant increase in the total amount due to Canyon Regional Water Authority (CRWA), however, CCSUD maintained the same monthly fee as FY2019-2020.