If you have been issued a Boil Water Notice, pleae click on the link for more information.


Low Pressure

CCSUD is currently working on Old Lehmann Rd, they have lowered the pressure to repair an emergency leak. If you are in this area your water pressure will be affected while the leak is being repaired. Thank you for your patience as we work through this. We will have services restored as soon a possible.

Updated Automatic On-Line Bill Pay - Terms and Conditions   

Crystal Clear SUD has updated the date of when your utility bill will be charged. The balance of your utility bill will be charged to your credit/debit card 3 days BEFORE the due date (7TH OF EACH MONTH).

You will continue to receive a monthly statement by mail or notification that your bill is ready to view. A receipt will be e-mailed to your login address each month. An e-mail will be sent to your login address to notify you if your card will be expiring soon. To log in and view your account at

You are responsible for updating credit/debit card information by submitting a new payment with your updated card information.  If you ever decide to discontinue recurring automatic credit/debit card payment, you may easily deactivate the automatic bill pay feature through the Online Bill Pay site. Your credit/debit card information will not be stored on the site and cannot be accessed or managed by CCSUD staff.  Your card will continue to be stored via PCI secured gateway tokenization.  This is the process of replacing sensitive card data with unique identification symbols that retain all the essential information about the data without compromising its security.

Bank draft will continue to withdrawal on the Due Date (10th of each month); if you would like to switch please deactivate card and fill out CCSUD’s Bank Draft Form located on our website (

If you may have any questions or concerns regarding this email please reach out to one of our Customer Service Representatives during normal business hours at 830-372-1031.


Edwards Aquifer Authority (EAA) has declared Stage 1 restrictions on permit holders in the San Antonio pool.  This is a 20% reduction in the annual amount that CCSUD is permitted to pump from the Edwards Aquifer in that pool.  As of now CCSUD kindly asks that our entire District practice water conservation at its best.  This looks to be a long hot and dry summer season with no significant rain in the forecast.  At this time, the request is for voluntary reduction by CCSUD customers.  If the Stage 1 restriction does not allow for the stabilization of water levels and spring flows, then the anticipation would be a declaration of Stage 2 in the near future.  The primary area which receives their supply from the Edwards Aquifer is the Willow Creek Subdivision and Havenwood Subdivision.  However, we are asking all customers to use their water responsibly as continued hot and dry conditions play a significant role in other restrictions becoming active. Please use the links below for tips and more information.



At Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD), we keep the customers in mind in everything we do. We’ve proudly continued our promise to provide clean, reliable potable water to our customers at the lowest possible cost, while ensuring that it meets both the customer’s current and future water needs.
While the Texas economy is reopening, our operation and services has never stopped. Because of our designation as critical infrastructure — we’ve continued to work for you.
Our office will remain closed to public interaction to protect our customers, employees and the community, however, CCSUD continues to be here for our customers. We are structured to provide many payment options to our customers for their convenience (by USPS or phone/online/night drop are all offered 24/7/365).
Do not hesitate to call our Staff with any questions or concerns (830) 372-1031; please leave a detailed message and our CSR's will call back as soon as possible. Or you may email and our CSR's will reach out.
Please visit for updates regarding our COVID-19 response, as well as resources and helpful information.
As always, thank you
CCSUD Management and Staff


Over the past couple of months, we have all experienced unexpected change in our lives. We know for some; finances have been especially challenging. As stay-at-home orders began to impact our area, CCSUD voluntarily made adjustments to our billing procedures to extend payment grace-periods and encouraged customers to contact us regarding payment arrangements, if needed, as well as reached out to those which remained delinquent to discuss options.
As the State of Texas continues toward reopening and gets back to normal business operations, we believe it’s critical that CCSUD reinstate the processes that allow us to continue delivering the water service our customers rely on us to provide.
In April, CCSUD voluntarily opted to temporarily suspend disconnection for our services to allow customers time to adjust to new circumstances. As of May 28, 2020, we will once again be disconnecting past due accounts which have not made payment arrangements prior to 7AM on Thursday, May 28, 2020, the extended grace period disconnection day, or paid their delinquent balances by that same date/time.
If you did not set up a payment arrangement or pay the amount due by 5PM April 10, 2020 (which was extended to April 13, 2020, 5PM), then a late fee was assessed to your CCSUD account. If you did not pay your balance due by 7AM April 29, 2020 or set up a payment plan, you will see a non-payment fee charged to your CCSUD account. The CCSUD Office Staff reached out to each delinquent customer which had current contact information on file in an attempt to either settle the balance due or establish a payment plan on April 27 & 28, 2020. As always, we encourage all of our customers to set up payment arrangements prior to their amount due being delinquent to avoid additional fees.
For customers who may be experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 and need assistance with their bill, please call us at 830-372-1031 or email as soon as possible and we’ll work to create payment arrangements suited to your specific situation.


Current and correct contact information is required by CCSUD for many reasons. One of which is that CCSUD Staff distributes alerts via a notification system. This could be vital information which you may not receive if your contact information is not current/correct such as a Boil Water Notice or other emergency alerts. Please contact the CCSUD office 830-372-1031 asap or return the portion of your billing statement that has the update form included with the current and correct information for contacts.

Thank you for your cooperation and immediate attention to this matter.

CCSUD Staff and Management



CCSUD has closed our office and drive thru window to the public. The night drop will remain available 24/7 and as always, the English IVR 1-888-617-7454 and Spanish IVR 1-888-626-9065 as well as online payment system will be accessible 24/7.

For any business or account questions and matters please email or call temporary office number (512) 216-0327 during normal business hours.

All other issues after hours will continue to be called into the company Office number (830)-372-1031 option 4 and the on-call Operations Staff will be notified.



CCSUD will be closing their office and drive thru window to the public. The night drop will remain available 24/7.   Beginning Monday, March 30, 2020, you will call (512) 216-0327 for any business or account questions and matters.  All other issues will continue to be called into the company phone number (830)-372-1031 and the on-call Operations Staff will be notified. 


Translate to Spanish:


CCSUD cerrará su oficina y paseo a través de la ventana al público. La gota de noche permanecerá 24/7 disponible. Comenzando el lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020, llamará (512) 216-0327 para cualquier negocio o considerará preguntas y asuntos. Todos los demás problemas seguirán siendo llamados al número de teléfono de la compañía (830)-372-1031 y se notificará al personal de operaciones de llamada.


Beginning Wednesday, March 25, 2020, CCSUD will be running a critical limited staff only operation.  The lobby is closed to the public, but the night drop/IVR/online payment system are all available 24/7 and the drive thru and phones will all remain active during normal business hours (7AM to 5PM - Monday through Friday).  We are taking these measures to limit our exposure to the public and ensure that our employees, customers and community are safe and that we  are equipped to continue to perform our duties to provide safe potable water and repair leaks/reconnect meters.  No other non-essential duties will be performed and we will not offer the after hours reconnect option during this time.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.    


CCSUD will be closing the lobby until further notice. Drive thru will remain open located on the side of the building during normal business hours. CCSUD will update our customers with any new changes. Thank you for your patience during this time.

NRWA Statement on the COVID-19 Virus March 09, 2020

The National Rural Water Association continues to monitor the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and recommends all water and wastewater utilities review the best and latest information on the following trusted websites:

At this time, existing safe management techniques in both drinking water and sanitation apply to COVID-19.  Extra measures are not needed. In particular, disinfection treatment processes will facilitate more rapid die-off of the COVID-19 virus. Provision of safe water, sanitation and hygienic conditions play an essential role in protecting human health during all infectious disease outbreaks, including the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Frequent and proper hand washing is one of the most important prevention measures for COVID-19.  Good and consistently applied hygiene in communities, homes, schools, workplaces, marketplaces and health care facilities will further help to prevent human-to-human transmission of COVID-19.

This outbreak continues to evolve and information changes daily. Similar to past viral outbreaks of this magnitude, COVID-19 is something to be taken very seriously. NRWA will continue to monitor the situation and is following the guidance of leading health authorities. Any impact to technical assistance, training programs, meeting and/or conferences will be posted prominently at

The National Rural Water Association (NRWA) is the country’s largest public drinking water and sanitation supply organization with over 31,000 small and rural community members dedicated to drinking water quality, environmental protection and public health protection. Safe drinking water and sanitation are generally recognized as the most essential public health, public welfare, and civic necessities.


Effective beginning January 22, 2020:

CCSUD will be offering after hours reconnection of water services.  Customers which have been disconnected due to non-payment will have the option for after hours reconnection of those services.  This only applies to those customers which have not paid prior to 5:00PM CST, all others which paid prior to 5:00PM CST, will be reconnected in accordance with CCSUD Rules & Regulation.  All of the following will be required and strictly enforced:

1.  The entire amount owed including ALL applicable fees must be paid prior to requesting the after hours reconnect, or the technician will not be dispatched

2.  Once the customer has paid, they will call and the on-call technician will verify the required applicable payment has been received.

3. The customer, which must be the account owner, must sign a document, when the technician arrives, agreeing to the $50 reconnect fee or the service will not be reconnected.  If the customer calls for an after hours reconnect and then refuses to sign the document, the customer may be charged a $125 service fee.

4.  The customer, account owner, must be present at the time of the after hours reconnect or the water service will not be reconnected and a $125 service fee may be charged.

5.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY MONEY BE PAID TO THE CCSUD FIELD TECHNICIAN; THEY DO NOT CARRY ANY FUNDS ON THEIR PERSON.  The after hours fee will be added to the customer's account and this amount will be part of the entire balance owed on the next bill.  If not paid, this amount may be cause for disconnection of services. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office 830-372-1031 and speak to one of our Office Staff. 

Thank you,

CCSUD Management 


CCSUD now has a quarterly newsletter.  Please click on the link for the October 2019 Issue.


Please use the link below for a direct path to view the CCSUD rates effective 10-01-2019.

Thank you,

CCSUD Management

Follow CCSUD on Facebook

CCSUD now has a facebook page that can be followed for important messages, updates and closures.  You can follow the link and click "Like" 

Rules and Regulations Changes Effective October 1, 2019

Rules and Regulations changes effective October 1, 2019:


SECTION G: RATES AND SERVICE FEES  –  6. Monthly Charges –  (F) CRWA

  1. CCSUD will increase the CRWA Bond Fee to $9.00 per meter per month from the current rate of $4.35 per meter per month. This is due to the increased cost of the bond debt which CCSUD is responsible for paying to Canyon Regional Water Authority for the District’s long term water source.



  1. CCSUD customers may be subject to a deposit increase once their account has been charged a third (3rd) non-payment fee within a consecutive 24 month period. The increase will be incremental depending on the meter size as follows:

5/8” x 3/4” (standard) meter


3/4” x 3/4” meter


1” meter


1 ½” meter


2” meter


3” meter


4” meter


6” meter


In the event that the water service is physically disconnected (meter locked) for non-payment, the customer may be required to pay this increased deposit prior to restoring water service. Where the situation occurs in which a customer has been charged for the third (3rd) non-payment fee within a consecutive 24 month period and has paid their balance, including all applicable late and non-payment fees prior to a CCSUD Staff member physically disconnecting the service, the customer may also be required to pay the increased deposit or be subject to immediate physical disconnect.  

SECTION G: RATES AND SERVICE FEES  – 26. Non-refundable Application Fee    

  1. A non-refundable $50 application fee will be charged to all customers requesting service with CCSUD.  This is required to be paid at the time of application or the documents may not be processed.  CCSUD does not accept incomplete new service application packets.

SECTION E:  SERVICE RULES AND REGULATIONS - 12 Rules of Disconnection of Services - (E) Disconnection Due to Utility Abandonment

SECTION G: RATES AND SERVICE FEES  –  3.  Deposits – (D) Refund of Deposit

  1. CCSUD may engage a third party debt collector to pursue outstanding balances and credit reporting as applicable.



  1. CCSUD will not accept post-dated checks.

CCSUD Office Hours Modification

If you received this Alert via text, please visit the CCSUD website to view the entire message.

Beginning Thursday, December 20, 2018 the CCSUD Office will open 2 hours later (10AM) on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  The CCSUD Staff will be involved in safety training on this day each month, with the exception of any holidays observed by CCSUD. In those cases the CCSUD Office would be closed for the entire day.

All of the online and automated services will continue to be available during these times/dates.  

Changes to the Crystal Clear Special Utility District’s Cross Connection Control Program

If you receive this Alert via text, please visit the CCSUD website for more informtion:

CCSUD has made changes to its Cross Connection Control Program.  Please follow the link below for more information rgarding this topic and the changes.  This change is effective immediately.



If you received this alert via text message, you will need to go to the website and click on the Alerts on the right side of the homepage to view this alert.  If you received this alert via email, please use the link below for important information regarding your CCSUD account changes.




  • Efectivo el 1 de Junio de 2018: todas las cuentas que fueron debajo de un facturador alterno (arrendatario) serán puestas en el nombre del dueño de la tierra y el arrendatario será enumerado como en cuidado de (c/o).


  • Todas las facturas de agua de Crystal Clear SUD se deben antes de las cinco de la tarde (5:00pm) el diez (10) de cada mes. Independientemente del método de pagar que un cliente utilice, todas las facturas pagadas después de las 5:00pm en el dia diez 10 están tarde en ese momento un $20 o 15% (cualquiera que sea la más alta de las dos) se aplicará la multa por penalidad/retraso.


  • Efectivo el 1 de mayo de 2018: si la cuenta esta atrasada y el cliente no paga antes de las 8:00am del día de desconeción, el cliente estará sujeto a estado de desconexión y un recargo de $150 y se agregará a la cuenta comenzando a las 8:00 a.m. la tarifa de $150 debe ser pagada además de la cantidad atrasada adeudada para prevenir la desconexión y/o para restaurar servicios del agua.


  • Las fechas restantes de desconexión de 2018 son las siguientes:
    Ø 8:00am – 24 de Mayo/25 de Junio/25 de Julio/27 de Agosto/25 de Septiembre/25 de Octubre/ 26 de Noviembre/26 de Diciembre


  • Si una cuenta es desconectada por falta de pago y el balance no esta pagado por la siguiente fecha de desconexión, el medidor estará sujeto a la entrega forzada (el medidor será retirado de la ubicación) y la cantidad adeudada estará sujeta a cobros, incluyendo todos honorarios aplicables. Si una cuenta es entregada (forzada o voluntaria), no puede haber garantía de capacidad de agua a ese lugar en el futuro. Si no hay registro de una tasa de recuperación/impacto de capital pagada por la propiedad de un cliente


  • En el caso de que un cliente solicite que se reinstale un medidor después de que el medidor haya sido entregado (forzado o voluntario) si se pagó una tasa de recuperación/impacto de capital, y el cliente paga todos los cargos adeudados, el cliente tendrá que pagar un depósito (actualmente $300) y una cuota para instalar el medidor (actualmente hasta $700). Si no hay ningún registro de la recuperación de capital/tasa de impacto que se paga, el cliente puede ser requerido a pagar por un estudio de ingeniero para determinar si hay capacidad disponible en t


  • Se requiere que los clientes de CCSUD paguen los gastos mínimos mensuales por cualquier medidor sin tener en cuenta si hay uso del agua / el consumo.
  • CCSUD clientes que utilizen tarjetas (de crédito/débito teniendo la mastercard, visa y/o descubrir el logotipo), estará sujeto a un cargo adicional en el momento de la transacción. Esta tasa es actualmente el 2% de la cantidad pagada. Este proceso se inició el 1 de enero de 2017 y ha sido publicado en la CCSUD office, en la parte posterior de varios meses de declaraciones y en la ccsud website así como declarado verbalmente por el ccsud customer service representante. Que esto serva de aviso que ya no se les avisara solamente sera cobrado.


  • Las horas de operaciones para Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD) son de lunes a viernes, 8:00 hasta las 5:00. Dirección física: 2370 FM 1979, San Marcos, Texas 78666 teléfono: (830) 372-1031.


  • CCSUD tiene una caja de pagos para despues de horas en el lado sur de la oficina. Los clientes también pueden pagar con tarjeta de crédito en línea en nuestro sitio web. Si usted paga en línea, usted debe llamar al CCSUD oficina (830) 372-1031 para avisar de su pago en línea en el día de desconecxion.


  • CCSUD no acepta más de 100 centavos ($1.00 en centavos) para el pago en la cuenta.


  • Si un cliente ha optado para recibir alertas desde el sitio web, entonces el cliente va a recibir todas las notificaciones que CCSUD manda. CCSUD no tiene control sobre esa suscripción que el cliente eligió.


  • Si un cliente no desea recibir la cortesía de notificaciones que CCSUD envía a través del correo electrónico, llamada telefónica o mensaje de texto, el cliente deberá avisar al CCSUD personal en la escritura. Usted continuará recibiendo necesario e importante los mensajes enviados de la misma manera.


  • CCSUD no es responsable del USPS. Cualquier pago u otras correspondencias que no son entregadas a ccsud y/o clientes CCSUD son la responsabilidad exclusiva del USPS.




  • EFFECTIVE JUNE 1, 2018: All accounts which were listed under an alternate biller (tenant) will be put back in the land owner’s name and the tenant will be listed as in care of (C/O).
  • All Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD) water bills are due by FIVE O’CLOCK PM (5:00PM) the TENTH DAY (10th) of each month. Regardless of which method of payment a customer utilizes, all bills paid after 5:00PM on the 10th  are delinquent and at that time a $20 or 15% (whichever is the higher of the two) penalty/ late fee will be applied. 
  • EFFECTIVE MAY 1, 2018: If a customer’s delinquent account is not paid BEFORE 8:00AM ON DISCONNECT DAY the customer will be subject to disconnect status and THE FULL $150 fee will be added to the account beginning at 8:00AM.  The $150 fee must be paid in addition to the delinquent amount owed to prevent disconnection and/or to restore water services. 
  • The remaining disconnect dates for 2018 are as follows:
  • 8:00AM – May 24th/ June 25th/ July 25th/ August 27th/ Sept. 25th/ Oct. 25th/Nov. 26th/ Dec. 26th
  • If an account is disconnected for non-payment and the balance is not paid by the following disconnect date, the meter will be subject to forced surrender (the meter will be pulled from the location) and the amount due will be subject to collections, including all applicable fees.  If an account is surrendered (forced or voluntary), there may be no guarantee of water capacity to that location in the future.  If there is no record of a Capital Recovery/Impact Fee paid for a customer’s property, there is no guarantee that water will be available once a meter is removed (forced or voluntary).
  • In the event a customer requests that a meter be reinstalled after the meter has been surrendered (forced or voluntary) if a Capital Recovery/Impact Fee was paid, and the customer pays all charges due, the customer will be required to pay a deposit (currently $300) and a fee to install the meter (currently up to $700). If no there is no record of Capital Recovery/Impact Fee being paid, the customer may be required to pay for an Engineer Study to determine if there is available capacity on the line that would supply water to their property.   
  • CCSUD customers are required to pay the monthly minimum charges for any meter regardless of whether there is water usage/consumption.
  • CCSUD customers which choose to pay for charges and other fees (with a credit/debit card bearing the MasterCard, Visa and/or Discover logo), will be subject to an additional fee at the time of the transaction. This fee is currently 2% of the amount being paid.  This process began January 1, 2017 and has been posted in the CCSUD Office, on the back of several months’ statements and on the CCSUD website  as well as verbally stated by the CCSUD Customer Service Representatives taking the payment.  This will serve as your notice and the amount you will be advised that you owe will include this fee. 
  • The hours of operations for Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD) are Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Physical Address:  2370 FM 1979, San Marcos, Texas 78666    Phone: (830) 372-1031.
  • CCSUD has a convenient after hours drop box located on the south side of the building. Customers may also pay by credit card online at our website. If you pay online, you must call the CCSUD Office (830) 372-1031 to advise of your online payment on disconnect day
  • CCSUD will NOT accept any more than 100 pennies ($1.00 in pennies) for payment on the account at any one time.
  • If a customer has opted in to distributed alerts from the CCSUD website, then the customer must unsubscribe. CCSUD Staff has no control over that subscription which the customer chose. 
  • If a customer does not want to receive the Courtesy Blasts which CCSUD sends out via email, phone call, and or text message, the customer must advise the CCSUD Staff in writing. You will continue to receive required and important messages sent out in the same manner.
  • CCSUD is not responsible for the USPS. Any payments or other correspondences that are not delivered to CCSUD and/or CCSUD customers are the sole responsibility of the USPS.

Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Requirements

Executive Order 13166, "Improving Access to services for Persons with Limited English Proficiency" requires the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development (RD) to ensure services provided by RD recipients comply with the requirements to examine the services provided, identify any need for services to those with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and develop and implement a system to provide such services to enable persons with LEP to have meaningful access to RD funded programs.  Crystal Clear Special Utility District (CCSUD) is in compliance. 


Crystal Clear SUD offers a feature available from your account log in for any cutomers that wish to sign up for either autodraft from your bank account or recurring credit card payment.  You would need to sign into your Crystal Clear SUD account under  "BILL PAY' .  Once in your account's home screen, on the bottom left side under "Account Settings"-"Enrolled in Auto Pay" there is a status indicator  (Yes or No).  If you are currently not enrolled and wish to do so, simply click the "Edit" link and you will be directed to a secure window where you will be able to enter your financial information to enroll in auto pay. 


Beginning February 1, 2017 we will be using a new vendor/gateway for processing our credit cards.  If you are set up with or you wish to sign up for CCSUD RECURRING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS you will be required to submit a new form with your information prior to February 1, 2017.  If we do not have a new completed form by that date, there will be no way for CCSUD to charge to your credit card for your February 10, 2017, water bill and you may be subject to late fees. 

The form to sign up for CCSUD RECURRING CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS can be found here on this website at  or you may pick one up from our office at 2370 FM 1979, San Marcos, Tx 78666.  You also have the option to log into your account from the "BILL PAY" here ion this website. You would simply log into your account and from the home page in the bottom left corner of the screen you should see "ACCOUNT SETTINGS" - "ENROLLED IN AUTO PAY" (status Yes or No).  If not currently enrolled you can click on the "Edit" link and enroll by completing the information request in the secure window. 

If you choose the complete a hard copy paper form,  you may mail, fax or hand deliver to our office. 

If you have any questions or we can help in any manner, please do not hesitate to contact our office 830-372-1031.






If you currently participate in Recurring Credit Card Payments, you may choose to opt out of that process by completing and returning the short form provided by Crystal Clear SUD. The forms are available here on our website (FORMS & REPORTS-All Forms & Reports-CREDIT CARD OPT OUT FORM) or you may pick one up at the CCSUD office.



Si ya eres participante en el programa de pagos automaticamente mensuales con su tarjeta de credito puede anular su informacion de su tarjeta. Para anular su infomacion de su tarjeta por favor de llenar una forma cual la compania de Crystal Clear SUD suministrara. Esta forma seran desponibles por internet or puede levantar una forma aqui en la officina de CCSUD. Si tiene preguntas por favor de contactar a la officina al numero seguente 830-372-1031.

Leak Alerts

Crystal Clear Special Utility District is no longer sending out alerts about leaks on the customer side.

One Meter Per Residence Requirements

One Meter One House Requirements

Please read the rules pertaining to the one meter per residence requirements.  These rules are requirements by Crystal Clear as well as TCEQ and the PUC.